Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Boost Your Immune System During This FLU Season

Boosting Your Immune System with Chiropractic Care

Winter is here and that brings the miserable and inconvenience of the common cold and the flu.

Our lifestyle plays a huge role in whether or not we stay healthy on a consistent basis, and it can be hard to bring the right nutrients into your daily eating regime to assure you are boosting your immune system.

Our immune system is a vital part of us staying healthy, as well as our body being able to function to its potential.

What is the role of our immune system?

The main role of our immune system is to protect and fight against infectious organisms, and bar them from entering our bodies.

Our immune system is made up of proteins, tissues, organs and cells (white blood cells) and all of these work together to keep us healthy.

Problems with immune system

While our bodies are protected by our immune system, sometimes this system may have issues and not work properly. There are a few causes as to why your immune system may not work properly and these may include:
  • Autoimmune disorders: this type of disorder involves the immune system attacking itself, because it sees itself as dangerous
  • Cancer
  • Immunodeficiency disorder
  • Allergic Disorder-this type of disorder involves the immune system giving an overreacting response to a particular allergen

Treatment for Immune System Problems

There are a variety of treatments available for those suffering from a failed immune system. If you are suffering from any of the disorders listed above, there are a variety of medications that may be available to aid in the various symptoms associated with these disorders. Stony Brook Chiropractic Spine Care offers an alternative form of treatment for those that are looking for a non-invasive and natural way to treat their immune system.

Our Chiropractic Treatment
While many may associate chiropractic treatment with those that are suffering from neck or back pain, know that there are more benefits than that! Stony Brook Chiropractic Spine Care will aide in the overall health of patients and although adjustments of the spine help in relieving the pain of those suffering from back and neck discomfort, these adjustments also aide in our immune system. Our immune system is directly connected to our spine and when it is not aligned, it may through your entire system off track. Thus, resulting in a non-responsive system.

One of the main causes of immune system problems comes from subluxations (compression of nerve pathways). Dr. Brandon uses a variety of spinal manipulation to help relieve this compression and in turn may boost your immune system.  

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